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  • 2 Ways To Overcome Your Emotions And Find Happiness During A Divorce

    When cheating goes on in a marriage, sometimes the hurt and loss of trust from the betrayal is just too much to deal with. If your marriage wasn’t getting any better, you may have decided the only option for overcoming your hurt was to get a divorce with the help of someone from a firm […]

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  • 4 Effective Strategies For Handling Workplace Bullies

    While we hear a great deal about bullying in schools and on social media, very little is said about workplace bullying among adults. However, it is an extremely real problem for workers of both sexes and all ages. Being the target of a workplace bully is something that many people simply don’t know how to […]

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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Aiding And Abetting Charges In Canada

    Committing a crime is not the only way to run afoul of the law in Canada. Under the country’s aiding and abetting laws, you may be punished just as severely for aiding someone in the commission of a crime as you would be if you committed the crime yourself. Unfortunately, the law is somewhat confusing […]

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  • 4 Things To Do After An Accident

    Not only is an accident or injury jarring, it can have long-lasting and devastating medical, financial, and personal consequences. After an accident, take these four precautions to ensure that you protect your health and gather all of the facts needed for a lawsuit. 1. Seek Medical Attention – ┬áMany people feel self conscious and want […]

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  • Not The Biological Parent? You Still May Be Responsible For Child Support

    If you aren’t the biological parent of a child, you may be taken aback to hear that your spouse will be requesting child support during your divorce hearing. Can they do this? Can you really be legally responsible for a child that you had no part of conceiving? The answer is yes; read on to […]

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  • 5 Damages You Could Be Awarded In A Wrongful Death Claim

    The wrongful death of a family member is devastating, and no amount of money can replace a loved one who was lost prematurely. However, damages awarded in a wrongful death claim can help cover many of the expenses that a family incurs after the untimely death of a loved one. In order for a wrongful […]

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Filing a Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit can be expensive and very time-consuming, but sometimes it is the only option. When filing a lawsuit, you will access services that only the government can provide.

Seeking a Settlement

Settlements are a common alternative to a lawsuit because they cost much less money to file. The settlement is an amount that both parties agree to. The debtor pays the settlement and is then free from the debt.

About Mediation

Mediation is not used often enough, which is surprising because it can be more cost-effective. The goal of mediation is to reach an agreement in which both parties are satisfied.